In 2015, we started a journey to unite a generation to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Our long-standing relationship with Voice of Hope, a charitable organization in Leon, Nicaragua, inspired our first cause: FEED THE THOUSAND. Our goal was to raise funds that would feed 1,000 kids per week, for an entire year. We also wanted to build a permanent feeding center to support them for many years to come.


We are proud to say that through the hard work, dedication to the cause and fundraising efforts, Unite for a Cause achieved our goal! The generosity of the participants and donors of the FEED THE THOUSAND campaign allowed us to improve an existing feeding center and build a new center that currently feeds over 1,000 kids each week.


Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere behind Haiti. There are approximately 6 million people in this country that live under impoverished conditions. On our trip to Leon, Nicaragua we were able to see the fruit of our fundraising first-hand as we prepared meals for hungry children by serving in feeding centers. Lives were impacted and people were fed, spiritually and physically.



“When we arrived in Nicaragua, I did not know what to expect. Seeing children from all over the area come to the feeding centers to receive what would probably be their only meal of the day was heartbreaking. The reality is that without intiatives like UNITE, those children would have nothing. Being used by God as a blessing to those who do not take it for granted is an indescribable feeling. The great thing about UNITE, is that everyone who donated, even a little, played a huge part in bringing Christ’s love to those in need around the world. I am so thankful I was able to play a part in helping this cause for God’s glory.”


“Often we hear people say things like “I want to change the world” which can seem to be an impossible task. During my visit to the feeding centers, I realized that together, united for one cause, we can change the world. We changed lives by providing a facility that would provide food for 1,000 children for an entire year. Asking others for money has always been uncomfortable for me, but after my trip to the feeding centers I understood that the discomfort I felt was nothing compared to the discomfort of the hungry children I was advocating for. UNITE gave me the opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless.”


“I was blessed to be able to go on the trip to Nicaragua for the new feeding center in 2016! I fundraised for a few months, asking family and friends if there was anything they could donate to help feed 1,000 kids in Nicaragua! As a part of the small team that went, we got to see where the feeding center would be and spent time with the kids who we were going to feed. It was an incredible experience, in a beautiful place. It was such a blessing to be able to feed those kids and spread God’s love to them! Being a part of life change is incredible!”